Buildbot fixes.

Added workaround for qonstruct's limitation of path name restricted to
128 characters.
As upload artifact of directory name is sufficient. Avoiding upload
artifact of individual components.

Bug: 33162506
Change-Id: Id06886d118fcef2c2b89eb64e05a2ca3f84245a3
Reviewed-by: Prashanth Swaminathan <>
2 files changed
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This repository exists to configure cbuildbot based Weave builds. For general site-specific buildbot details, see: http://go/site-cbuildbot

To check this out as a repo checkout:

repo init -u

To perform a local build:

bin/cbuildbot --buildroot ~/tmp/test_buildroot \
  --buildbot --debug --config_repo \ \

If you want to test buildbot changes specifically, do:

bin/cbuildbot --buildroot ~/tmp/test_buildroot \
  --buildbot --debug --config_repo ${PWD}/config \
  --noreexec --nobootstrap \

Waterfall Settings

These are maintained in the Chrome internal repos. Some paths: