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Name: David M. Gay's floating point routines
License: MIT-like
Original dtoa.c file can be found at <>.
Original g_fmt.c file can be found at <>.
List of changes made to original code:
- wrapped functions in dmg_fp namespace
- renamed .c files to .cc
- added dmg_fp.h header
- added #define IEEE_8087 to
- added #define NO_HEX_FP to
- made some minor changes to allow clean compilation under g++ -Wall, see
- made some minor changes to build on 64-bit, see gcc_64_bit.patch.
- made minor changes for -Wextra for Mac build, see mac_wextra.patch
- crash fix for running with reduced CPU float precision, see
float_precision_crash.patch and
- fixed warnings under msvc, see msvc_warnings.patch
- fixed -Wchar-subscripts warning in "if (!hexdig['0'])" in
- removed the use of 'register' keyword from