Update READMEs to reflect cloud_id name in Cloud Services for deviceId
Added git add <files> in README for Making Changes

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         Publishing service
-        Saving settings to /var/lib/weave/weave_settings.json
+        Saving settings to /var/lib/weave/weave_settings_[XXXXX]_config.json
 - Note: in second and future runs, --registration_ticket options is not necessary anymore
 - Get your device id with
-        sudo cat /var/lib/weave/weave_settings.json
+        sudo grep "cloud_id" /var/lib/weave/weave_settings_[XXXXX]_config.json
-- See something like:
+- See a field called cloud_id like:
-        "device_id": 0f8a5ff5-1ef0-ec39-f9d8-66d1caeb9e3d
+        "cloud_id": 0f8a5ff5-1ef0-ec39-f9d8-66d1caeb9e3d
-- Use this device_id for future communication with your device. It does not expire.
+- Use this cloud_id for future communication with your device as its deviceId.
+It does not expire.
 - Verify device is up with Weave Device Managers on
-or [Weave Developpers Console](https://weave.google.com/console/)
+or [Weave Developpers Console](https://weave.google.com/console/), where you
+see this id listed right below the device name in device details section.
 ### Send Command to the Daemon